4 june 2011 > 14/5 > Art/Alchemy/Heirophant

What does your box feel like and can you step out of it?
What resources do you need to gather for what it is you need to do?
What needs mixing in the pot of your life to make a change?

Good morning. my ‘poem’ is a mix of whatevers, an experiment in free flow that I choose not to edit out in the journey of it.
It comes from my observations that men do not ask many questions when it comes to getting to know women and women ask lots of question in the hope that men will answer,ask back, and a discovery of each other can occur. I have lots to say on this topic and will not bore the crap out of you with it. If ya wanna know; ask me. Ha…


They unravel the mystery of us
I know you better for the asking

They unfold the desire for being known
I can find out what I can trust

They let me be seen beneath my surface
I invite intimacy in

They lead me to discovery
I find the tender, rugged place

It is desire to connect that
brings me to you.
It is want to be known
and to know
Surface banter has it pleasures
for the taking
Silence has it’s beauty in the
deep listening
Touch rides the waves of
desires hunger
Play cheers the humor
of silly to the surface

Questions unravel the mystery
of us.
They query in the banter
They settle into the silences
They touch connections chord
They cheer playfulness into action

Just ask me.


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