It’s been one of those weeks…Getting to funny when funny has been on a roadtrip. Right? I’m waiting for the hilarity to tumble back in my direction. A little roll of laughter, maybe a barrage of giggle. A snotty little chortle. A guttural gaffah . Been one of those weeks.

Enough of me already. Right? Oops. I forgot…. this blog is all about me. oh.. yipee.
Smiles around the table please.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Hilarity took a road trip
Packed her bags right up
Took her smiles and giggles
Her chuckles and chortles
stuffed ‘em in the back seat
Filled her damn car with all
the humor in the whole world
She drove out into the moonlight.

I chased her
I screamed after her
I be damned her
I sat in the middle of the moonlight
drenched in all that white glow
sobbing, choking on her dust.

I just wanted a giggle or two
I just wanted her to leave a smile
Maybe a little joke, a clever tease
A little remembrance of better times
I just wanted her to love me silly
Love me to my funny bone.

Hilarity took a road trip
She took all her funny with her
Packed sky high in that old VW van
laughing her ass off all the way
to who knows where.

I heard a little giggle squeeze out
It tumble to the road,
It chased the moonlight
right into my lap.
I pet it like a kitty till it
grew so giggly we rolled
in that dirty road
beneath the star glow
thinking the joke was
on Hilarity.

5 june 2011 > 6/15 > Lovers/devil

How is your relationship with yourself?
What distracts you from having the love you want?
Did the devil really make you do That?

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  1. mamma

    Geez but I love your morning offerings!! What a gift! Thank you!


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