Let’s see where am I this morning? mmmmm? Physical reality.oh.. right, sitting here listening to the house wren warble and the blue bird chatter: the cars swish on by, the dog licks his well feed chops, and I’m still snuggled in my undefined bed clothes, there are boxes packed and paper strewn about the floor, blah blah, etc etc.

I also sit here with my psychological reality. what does my physical reality mean?
How am I thinking and feeling about those birdies singing and the dog licking his chops, and the damn mess I sit in the center of?

This all sends me to Mythic reality. I make up a big old story about this poo. I dive into the past and toss myself into the future and make up a colourful tale about what the hey is going on here. Right? Oh … can I get all wild with this level of reality.

Finally… whew… at last… you bettcha. If I’m lucky, don’t I hope. I get to the essence of it all. Essential reality. What is the basic belief/essence of myself in this particular moment/s that brought me to the story line that popped me out of physical reality, tossed me into psychological reality, stirred me into mythic reality, and left me wondering WTF is this all about anyway. The Essence of it all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~


Reality, it’s all an illusion

It’s a galactic party trick
made to tease, taunt and prick
All the realities you use and pick

See it clear, make it up
think you know some clever stuff
Well, you do and so what.

It’s all an Illusion

yes it matters, of course it does
you’re who you think you was
Now and tomorrow just because

It’s a galactic party trick
Made to tease taunt and prick
All the realities you use and pick

It’s all an illusion

Make your stories up real fine
Make them special, make them divine
Let them make you shine

Make them up as you go
Keep them positive, let them show
Live the life you believe and know

It’s all an illusion

It’s a galactic party trick
made to tease, taunt, and prick
All the realities you use and pick

Be the magician
Be the trick

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6 june 2011 > 7/16 > Charioteer//Tower

Are you willing to love unconditionally for what you believe in?
Does the ‘head’ of you know the ‘heart’ of you?
Have you strayed away from the foundation of you?

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