get up, slurp some coffee,
feed the pets, feelin’ clever
write some stuff
facebook it up,
do the usually
shower,wash and fluff

get cute, go to work,
wash and lather
How’s the children?
jibber jabber,
snippy clippy
Off to Paris?
Aren’t you clever
giggle wiggle,
blow n’ dry,
So sorry your dog died

give a hug get a hug
pass around a little love
get some money
make appointments
see ya later
have a good one

Lunch time, phone calls,
Can’t wait, see you soon.

How’s it going?
I’m Ok
What will we do today?
wash n’ lather
jibber jabber
make you feel good
hear what matters
cut n’ colour
blow it dry
Listen to your days gone by.
giggle wiggle
snippy clippy
have you out in a jiffy

Do you love it? It’s got some sass
I like it better than the last
Love the color, suits your style
We had some fun shapeshifting
for awhile
Thanks a lot. See you soon
Always good to share with you

Tidy up , sweep the floor
Lights off, lock the door
Take the journey along the river
Enjoy the drive, ponder what matters
Lucky me I love my craft
beautifying, while we chat and laugh

Get home feed the pets,
feed my face, poker and bet
watch some tube, hear the news
read in bed before I snooze
Night night…

7 june 2011 > 8/17 > Lust/Strength/The Star

Where is the Luster in your life, do you polish it daily?
Can you risk being vulnerable?
Can you meld your thoughts with your intuition?


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