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9 june 2011 > 10/19/1 > Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician

HOw do you ride the circle of your life?
What ‘tool’ do you need to pull out of your bag of tricks today?
Can you let your light shine?

Bags are packed ready to load in the car for my trip north. ooooo.. yipeeee.
Might even stop at a garage sale or two, or three. An antique shop or two, or three.One of my favorite pass times, tho I am not collecting these days as I am ridding myself of crap and more crap… Still..

It is likely that I won’t get my GeezerGirl poems and deep undefinable wisdom up in the mornings in a timely matter, however… I WILL get them up. I am addicted to this process of Free Falling into my day with a poem and some jabber. OH>. I think something is stirring. I’m Faaaaaaallllling.





Circles, lines, curves and angles
the mind likes to twist and mangle
life’s journey it will battle
with it’s stress full negative prattle
Tossing you to Cerberus hunger
leaving you with unrequited wonder
what the hell just happened here
My mind is not functioning clear
And then a quiet voice appears

The heart’s steady rhythm
Defies the mind trick’s hymnal
Keeps it’s pulse, It’s beat beat beat
Calling you back to the cadence it speaks
Of love, and kindness, give and care
Not that mindless chatter that takes you
no where

The mind leads you away
Busy, busy, on display
Sabotages and mirages
While heart softly massages
Away the idle chatter’s whimsy
The inner banter’s hellish tizzy
Calling softly to your brain
That this chatter is mundane
Will likely make you insane

Circles, lines, curves and angles
Let the heart lead your minds fandangle
To the quiet voice, a distant drummer
Bringing you to your center’s hunger
In a whisper, a soothing hum
Calling you near away from the strum
Of your minds clever flogging
Of the rightness of your longing
Let love win over mind’s fruitless clogging

A truth as steady as the Sun
A truth that you alone have won
In the gentle understanding
A Heart that gives no remanding
Steady Steady does she flow
Listen deeply to what she knows
Soft and quiet is her tone
Reminding you of all known
You my sweet are never alone.


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