10 june 2011 > 11/2 > adjustment/priestess

Where is the best balance between listening and sharing for you?
What needs communicating that you avoid or are fearful of?
What is imbalanced in your life and how can you equalize that?

Grey and chilly up here in Escanaba. I’m making it to the big Lake Superior before the day is out, chilly or not. It is an exquisite body of fresh water. I gotta smell it and touch it, grab a stone or two and let the water sooth me.

Some aches linger
they smell of old metal nails
and stagnant ponds
that cry pale green tears

YOu shuffle away from the ache
the smell ,the stagnant hope,
carrying the pale green tears
behind your eyes.

They seep out in
unexpected moments of desire’s
well of loneliness
held to some design that Want
will call you back and it will all
be different.

Maybe a run would be better
A sprint, a dash, a charge
to pump the heart out of it’s
grief and green puddle of tears
Race like a crazed lover
fast, furious, and far from this ache

What is enough
when will enough be enough


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