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11 june 2011 > 12/21/3 hanged one/empress/ world

How might you shift your perspective today; look at the world renewed?.
What exchange needs to happen that will create a new understanding?
If you looked your fear right in the eye, what would it tell you?

Now I know where the term “ticked off” came from. OH.. and what about the word
“tickle”? mmm,m? Have an encounter with a few ticks that scurry up your legs till they hit a vein and bury their little teeny heads into your flesh, then they begin to suckle on your blood till they grow plump and fat on it. That will tick you off: run you to the bathroom to peel yourself naked so you can inspect your body for the little bastards munching place. Careful to pull them out just right so their head is not left under your skin to …. god knows what. They love me… they found me and they had me for dinner: on my legs, my arm, my head. Sleep did not come easy when I know they might still be softly crawling their way up into my hair,which… they did.

“The Jake”.

Beautiful land that lays its red stone cliffs
out to the Mother Superior’s kisses and wrath
Story stones of red and white have
tumbled upon each other
stacked at rest with nature’s cold wash
A beach arranged as She saw her design
fall into place perfectly.

A beach that calls to a ‘Stoner’s’ picking
to carry from her perfection,
treasure stories for their telling
in the gardens,
on the porch,
on the mantle,
on the table,
beside the bed,
arranged in small beaches inland
to remember how Superior shares
her children’s wonders and ancient wisdom
for your taking
for your telling
for your caress
for your remembering
for your connection to what
is larger than yourself
grander in scheme
vast beyond your comprehension
to small picker piles of her
birthings that have come to
share with you the memory
of your connection to it All.


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