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What can you give your life to?
What can you give form to that supports your life?
What in your life needs let going of?

oh.. is that the Sun I see rising over Lake Michigan? WAT? WHy.. YES. SUN..
We are off to The Clearing this morning, off to give the writer’s muse a fonting.
Wat da Font? tee hee.
Today, I give myself to the journey to Ellison Bay and possibilities; Being in the presence of other writers, good writers, for a week. WOW… Squeeze me an call me Muffin.


I never had it to let go of it
It was just past dreamland
Down the road to the left of it
Tucked in to the right of it.
I waved my wand
I clapped my hands
Just past dreamland

Some beaches are sandy
Soft, welcoming, lay a towel out
And rest in the Sun kinda beaches
Castles get built here
Holes to the other side get dug here
I’ve been bury here.
Before dreamland

It’s the rocky, hard beaches
That call me to their water’s edge
the beaches that make travel
hard, dangerous, tenuous
walking is a slip and slid
Each step a look out to the next
Trust is not predictable here
Love is not easy here
just past Dreamland
just down the road
take a left on the right

This beach, just past dreamland
has special offerings
This beach begs for a treasure hunt,
a deeper look,a harder gathering
supreme patience, a tender heart
an embrace of the unpredictable.
This beach hurts hard and stoney.
And… you think the treasures
are worth the gathering,
you feel the truth held to stone
an ancient wisdom
just past dreamland,
just down the road
to the left on the right.



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