13 june 2011 > 5/14 > Hierophant/Alchemy

What resources do you need to gather to yourself to get what you need done?
Can you consider: doing what you do differently, can you stir the pot of life anew?
Did you know that you are a magical being here to share yourself completely?


Early morning became this afternoon…. 



I am a cloistered cluster of robin egg blue
ready to birth the sun
all that yellow custard from my belly
will rise up,radiate, illuminate, saturate

when I open my mouth I will be
a beacon, a flare, a signal
a guiding light to the spaces in between
the darkness filling with yolk.

I ate the darkness yesterday
all of it, I gobbled it up in a fury
It thrashed, convulsed
seized me like a hellion

I am darkness birthing the sun
from the blue egged sky
on wings of light and magic
my eyes, my mouth, my heart
are open and you may gather as much
light as you need.


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