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What has teased you away from what matters?
Can you look in the face of everyone you meet and see some piece of you?
How will you give love to yourself today?

Ellison Bay gives of it’s quaint charms a sense of calm and nature’s beauty. The Clearing, nestled into the edge of town, right on the Green Baby, invites me to notice
my senses: the smell of the breezed, the clamor of floral scents that via for my attention, the green and blue from top to bottom, the chatter of the gulls, the ‘flock’ of mosquitos, and us writer’s talkin our talk and writing for the pleasure of giving ourselves to this muse of nature.


There is no reason to save the best for last
last might come before your best is given
the end might snuff out the very best of you
and then all that goodness,
that top of the line, you’re damn greatness
is gone… bye bye see ya later.

Oops I didn’t give my best.

There is no reason to save the best for last
That best of you is goin’ on right now
Sure some bestness was rollin’ outta ya
back then when…
a few years ago, in your 30’s, or 40’s
back then when…
you were at the ‘top of your’ game
back then when…
your youth held you to possibilities
back then when…

When what?

If you think the best has yet to come
think again…
your best is busy being itself
waiting for you to notice
waiting for you to Get it.
tapping her little toes patiently
cause here she is, Miss Best
been here all the time.

You give hope to much credit. He’s a fall back.
Hope seduces you at your edges
Teases you believe you haven’t given the
best of you yet. Hoping you along.
You can hope all up n’ down
gettin’ all hopeful and wishful
in the face of being the best of you

The best is here … right now…
no hope needed, no wishful thinking
no judicious longing…

just you… giving your best
saving dying for the last.

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