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17 june 2011 > 9/18 > hermit/moon

What can you bring to completion?
Is this a time to come out from the shadows?
What needs your careful consideration?

The moon gives of her fullness, lights the night sky with immense radiance. My week here at the Clearing draws to a close. Where did the time go? I live in respect and wonder of the people I share this week with: the writings, the shared meals, the silliness of evenings spent talking and discovering. Deepening old friendship, spilling into new ones. A week doesn’t feel like quite enough.

We laid laughter across the table
right over the salad, the pasta
the wine, the sambucca
right over the heads of all the people
The meal was drenched with
humor’s sauce, we licked our fingers
and set our inhibition off

There was no stopping the
drip of that brew
the flow of it through the room
all rich and buttery
full of flavored giggles
spiced chuckles and
creamy belly rolls
Damn we were good
forsure did we know

We spread laughter on to the
floor. wall papered the walls
let lose our guffaw
Steam rollered our roar
rarin’ for more
right over shoes and dresses.
shorts, and shirts,
rings, and things
faces and hair
we laid our laughter everywhere

There was no stopping her
And who wanted to anyway?
She was released, freed up
Laughing her guts out
full of tease and play
She was out for the party
She was out for the hit
loving the good meal,
saucy and ready to give all of herself

We ate her up and gave her back
Laughing across the table
into the room, on to the walls
over the floor, into your space
we pulled smiles from all over the place
we laughed our guts out
We laughed pure and free
My god did we laugh
Livin was real.

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