18 june 2011 > 10/19/1 > wheel of fortune/Sun/Magician

How do you stand within the center of yourself?
How bright do you shine? What ‘tool’ needs your honing?

I leave the Clearing today. The time here flew as did words on the pages. I have become more clear in my journey as a writer. There in lies the essence of spending a few days
in a place called “The Clearing”, a place to find clarity.


sun’s quiet rising
shadow leaves on curtain face
a new day is clear

Inhale of morning
moist green summers rising want
clear is the whisper

gulls cry insistence
white rocks tumble at waters edge
blue sky clearing ahead

path of shredded wood
lays soft the steps to learning
clearing the way home

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One response to “THE CLEARING

  1. Love this my friend – your Haiku is superb! I especially enjoyed these words “shadow leaves on curtain face” – wow!

    Chloe xx


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