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19 june 2011 > 11/2/20 > lust/ judgement/aeon/priestess

What do you hunger for?
What waits to be awakened in you; what aren’t you noticing?
Can you seek the counsel that you need?

An Escanaba morning. A shell of grey. A threat of rain. Making my way south. Thinking of staying near the big lake tonight. Listen to the waves, smell the air. Write.


It’s in your hands
right at the fingertips
You almost have it
not quite
Lost to the just about
Right there…

It’s in your hands
held between them
Clutched a little too tight
could mean loss
could mean release
it could mean strangled

It’s in your hands
the prayer, the sheltered
want, the almost have it,
creativity’s notion, loves
tremble, despicable force.
Clenched, held too lose
sifting out, grasped,

It’s in your hands
A mystic ball of answers
held to the right questions
Textured soft, hard, rough
slippery, moist, dry,
razors, needles, kittens,
babies, hot sex.

Right there… in your hands
Dare you to hold on to what you want
Dare you to hold loves quickening
Dare you to caress the best of yourself
I dare you to have your hands empty
so that there is more for you to hold.



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