St. Ignace. MI. The BAyview motel sits right on the water about 4 miles north of the Mackinaw Bridge. I made coffee for the first time in a week and a half. No guarantees what that little pocket of coffee will taste like. I’ll drink it anyway, and give a stare out into this gungrey, rainy day. This day that the Summer Solstice says goodbye to Spring. A long day. A short night.


I said goodbye to my Spring decades ago
Summer came and went
Fall has been around awhile
My colour and spice have not been spent

My leaves haven’t all hit the earth yet
They still give of their reds and gold
The pines hold their green so proud
be deciduous and not look old

Usually a big wind comes hard
it tears at the golds and reds
whips and swirls them to the earth
bare is the tree as if dead

You don’t know when the big wind will come
and whip your Fall apart
Send you to the Winter place
A wait till life does part

Each season holds you to your life
From first breath to the last
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
Let your season have her best

You enter through a portal
Screaming for your first breath
You exit through a portal
Where the last breath gives you rest

Whether it is Heaven that will hold you
Or the return to this Earth a babe again
What matters is your kindness now
How you give love till breath’s end

20 june 2011 > 12/3/21 > hanged one/empress/world

What new perspective can you give to how you love?
How can you be more inclusive?
Can you step into the season of your life and be your best?


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3 responses to “GOODBYE TO SPRING

  1. mamma

    Like this one a lot!! Thanks Geezer Girl XOXO


  2. Lovely colourful words of wisdom in your awesome poem! We need to make the most of life…let’s do it!!

    Chloe xx


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