Solstice > 1:16EST

How will you celebrate your light?


Light finds me in my shadow’s discomfort
Covered, hidden, breaking the
forbidden avoidance of endings

Bending reality’s grip on the short night
All comfortable in the dark of it, the
fathomable lie of it shows my fear.

I’m calling in the Light to my dark night
It is not caught in my throat, it screams
in the most unbearable stab of light.

Impaled on the spear of it pointed at my heart
the longest day of my light leaves the
shadows to bring resistance a new beginning

REminded that the shadows have gifts
and that
The long day needs her short night for rest


21 june 2011 > 13/4/0

What joyful, foolish thing will you give yourself to today?
What good boundaries do you need to make?
What will you let go of to give space for the next best thing?


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4 responses to “SOLSTICE…

  1. Awesome 😀

    Hey, I was just thinking, if you add more tags to your posts, more people will be able to find your poetry. I guess it depends if you want to increase your readers or not….it has it’s pros and cons. If you add tags like ‘poetry’ and ‘haiku’ etc you’ll see more readers…blah…what do I know? ha ha I’m just a wanna be blonde!

    Hope you have a great day 😀 xx


  2. Linda C



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