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23 june 2011  >  6/15 >    Lovers/Devil


 Todays numbers 6/15 , that correspond to the Tarot story, speak to Love and the Devil.  It may seem that they are incompatible, that the devil and love have an oil and water relationship.  IMO… to hold Love in a dual/polar world, you will be faced with the bedevilment, the challenge, the trick of the devil to consider :

“Is this Love?”  Is this heart of mine pulsing to the beat of love or is it a trick of feelings, of mesmerizing, of illusions enchantments; fleeting as the sun rise?  And… does it matter?  Is it not sufficient to feel and give love for it’s own sake?  What is a little bedevilment when love calls you to the table of life to eat of her bounty?  And so what if love is not returned as you desire?  What did you expect?

If the devil made you do it, then take responsibility for it.  Give of your heart for the sake of the hearts song?


Can you lay yourself on the altar of Love and know that you probably held the hand of the Devil on your way there?  What if you just loved that little devil?






                   Within the darkness

               A shiver of light gives heart

            Does not the moon love her night?


                     Willingly given

                vulnerable to loves night

                          sacred unity


                    black velvet my robe

               shelters  all my nakedness

                    opens to your heart


                      Devilment begin

                romp in my enchanted woods

                   lay down this woman



                     Love is wonderment

                Licks away the tremble fear

                     Take all of me now



                    Dive into my sea

                See me as I am to thee

                    Bait me to your love


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