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welll…if you’re reading this…i take it all back.  I am not going to blog my tarot writings.  nope.. not gonna happen.  I will being doing what I have been doing.  flows better.  AND.. I will hide the other writing from you, for now… till tomorrow morning

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“7” and the TOWER

24 june 2011  >  7/16  >  chariot/tower


What do you need to focus on right now?

How can you stay connected to the very foundation of yourself?

How best can you spend some alone, introspective time?


NOTICE:  If you read the below, you will know what my poetry will be about for at least the next 21 days, maybe 71 days.   I still will be ‘free falling’ into mornings words, giving myself to whatever my muse calls to me in the moment…..


I have thought many many times that I would gather my words and speak to the stories of the Tarot.  So, I will via using the daily number and the associated tarot card.  


For me, everywhere I look is a snapshot of life: a story that holds a moment, a story that holds me to my impressions, my perceptions, to my desires, my family, whatever it is that grazes at my senses, steps into my view in my mind, my heart, my world… is one story after another.  


The Tarot cards are 72 images, that hold the archetypes of most of the stories around and within us.   They speak to the very elemental relationships of life:  earth, fire, air, water, and spirit.   They have been used to tell fortunes, to shift perceptions, to speak to the dead, to understand the great beyond, to consider a moment;  they are many things to those of us that find beauty and challenges in them.


I DO NOt… use them for telling the future or your fortune.   That is for you to discover.  What I do do, is use them to remind me of my moment, center me, ground me, reconsider a story I have going on that does Not serve my life.   Sometime… we need a tool that reminds us that the story that we have going on about ourselves is distorted, lacks goodness, and doesn’t serve our greater purpose.  Whatever that is.  I believe the Tarot is a tool that can help and support the journey of ‘re-storing’ our story to a clearer picture or who we are and what wondrous beings we are meant to be.





THE TOWER                                                                                    “7”


Rules of foundation                                                      Inspired creation investigates

Square, solid, built to last                                      associates with the powers observation

built to hold your family,                                         keen to assess with perfection’s eyes

your work, your institutions,                                       Held sure to intuitions flow

built to protect 

                                                                            introverted seer, Called to quiet explorations 

Rules of foundation                                           gathers endless resources, fills the the pot

Order, structure, form,                                            of knowing, lays wisdom in fine lines

A plan, an idea, a business                                                    for others to read

The call for expansion

And up the floors go,                                                     Swings with prevailing winds

Up for more space, more rooms,                   Calls the spirit of introspection to her altar 

more growth,                                                                   gives focus a higher meaning

More.                                                                                 Call her from her hiding place.


More distance from the base

the ground floor, the welcome mat

More distance to get to the top

Where we are told IT’S at.

The place to get to.  That place

that was built up and up to get to

to where IT’S at.  Up there.


The Tower climbs

The foundation settles

what is known at the top 

is lost to those that give the welcome

What is known at the welcome

is lost to those that claim top gun.


The foundation is always the stronghold

no matter what towers above it.

Hold strong to your foundation

Lofty thinking has it’s down fall.


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