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25 june 2011  >  8/17  >  Justice/adjustment/ Star


How do you act as a conduit for your spirituality and bringing it fully into your life?

How do you bring fairness into what seems an unfair situation?

Can you be vulnerable to yourself?



I would share with you what rolled on to my bedside journal at 4:55 this morning if it made sense.  I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to challenge your brain cells with my angst.


I will give you the just a few lines.. Ready?


Empty crept up

Nobody home opened the door

filling up with that and more


Of this n’ that of books and words

of little things that needed friends

Displayed together without end.



SEE… what’s up with that?  Angst about having a LOT of crap to deal with coupled with heart palpitations. Was it unpleasant gas?   I told you it was likely ‘TMI’.   Al-righty then… moving right along.  Sippy the coffee.







22 feb 1946  > 17/8 >   The Star/Adjustment/Justice…..see above questions


It’s your lucky day and 

you know who you are.

How far does that get ya?


A conduit between heaven n’ earth

held to vulnerabilities call

the raw of it alters the senses


Abundant gifts lay at your altar

Living in the balance, 

On the lance point of nothing for everything


The great Illusion is matter’s dissolve

If first the re-solve caress the tender

renders the ab-soul-lute longing


When nothing matters it all matters

It’s a matter of perspective

respective choice has it’s consequences


The temple is a conduit

a vehicle that graces the earth

with the worth of the heavens



                      Sly said 


Everybody is a star

Who can rain, chase the dust away

Everybody wants to shine

Ooh, come out on a cloudy day

‘Til the sun that loves you proud

When the system tries to bring you down

Every hand to shine tonight

You don’t need darkness to do what you think is right


Ba pa-pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba, 

ba-pa ba-pa ba ba, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


Everybody is a star

I can feel it when you shine on me

I love you for who you are

Not the one you feel you need to be

Ever catch a falling star

Ain’t no stopping ’til it’s in the ground

Everybody is a star

One big circle going round and round


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