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til’ dust

26  june 2011  > 18/9  >  Moon/Hermit


What calls you to feel deeply and give of yourself?

What way does the Sun, the light of you, show the Moon, the mood of you?

Is it a time for you to pull the pieces of a project, a relationship, together and see what it is?



I’m feeling the roll of dedication to those who insight/in-sight my writer’s muse.  Tho’ I may not claim your 

name here, you know who you are.  And I thank you for calling my words out of my heart on to these pages.





Once Lover sweet sister now

kind one, heart on tender bough

caught to the winds of life unfolding

leaves showing there greenest greener


No matter what the scene be


tough the journey to self’s glory

held to witness all those stories

between the Sun and Earth

your worth shines in Moon lit shadows


Nothing is ever fallow


your guitar it sings so sweetly

when you give to the song completely

be yourself no matter what

be sure to Cut away the miscellaneous


It can be so ridiculously heinous 


love found us a gift forever

lucky us in the sweet of never

ever lose our hearts connection

our protection is sealed til dust


with love… 


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