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27  june  2011  >  19/10/1  >  Sun/wheel of fortune/Magician 


What magic in your life can you conjure up that will make life just right?

Do you need to get off of that wheel that just keeps you spinin’ in circles?

Can you just take a few moments today and let the Sun shine on your face?



The numbers have brought me to ‘my day’. Well how about that.  Like it hasn’t already been all about me.

Geeezer.  So… when you add up your birthday…   like you see above:  you keep reducing it till you get to a single number, thus, today is a ‘1’ day.     Get it?  So… if your birthday were say…. 

                  24 August  1955.. you’d do this..  2+4+8+1+9+5+5  = 34 = 3+4 = 7  Charioteer

 And what does all if it mean and does it matter?  Your birthday is considered you ‘life card’, your souls quest in this life.  Believing it does not matter, just let the questions stir ya up a bit and seep into this days thoughts and feeling….  or not.



When the Elements have their way


 I grabbed a bit air on my way out the door

the floor said take me too 

What would I do with a little flooring?


I said OK.  I walk on her everyday

and by the way the faucet said 

your water is dripping fix it


I’m not even out the door with my air

dare I mention a little chip of flooring

and the water is being very needy


All the lights go out and I can’t see a thing

I wing it, take a big breath, sink into the flooring

pull out my flash light and check under the sink


Water is everywhere, she’s like that

Floor lays there liking all the moisture

And the lights refuse to shine onto anything


Air fills up all the little spaces everywhere

He shares his sentiment of distain for the Lights

Floor seems to handle the lay of the land just fine


Water is happy to just have her feelings

I’m reeling from all this elemental chaos

I gather air in my lungs and let him fill me up


The lights go on and I can see it all very clearly

I feel nearly ready to leave the house and face the world

another big inhale, a little chip of floor, a bottle of water

and… a rising Sun.  


Life is good.




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