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MOON n’ SUN rap

28  june  2011  > 20/11/2 >  judgement/adjustment/priestess


 What do you need to assess that you have been putting off?

Can you be OK without it being perfect?

Is it possible that you need counsel for your next step?



Dang… am I glad yesterday was a day for me, cause it sure went better than the last few.  

Tomorrow is a New Moon, a dark moon.  So step out in the clear night and see alllll those glorious stars in their night sky cloak.  Inhale that big beauty and imagine  what you might wish to renew in your life.  Maybe you have an idea that needs a seed planted out there in the world: Plant it, nurture it along, feed it.  It just might grow into something wonderful for you.




I inhaled the dark Moon

I was a ballon takin’ up some room

zoomed me out to the sea

so I could see you from up here


All busy and full of unrest

it’s not a test to be the best

of you down there all busy

in a tizzy to hurry up and get there


And where is there any way

is there any play in your day

cause my stare of you down there

all scared from up here in the air 


Darlin’ Sweetie breathe in the Sun

fill up on some fun ease the gloom

Shine on my Moon lets swoon

on our way out to the night and day


See it clear from here

no fear to rise and shine sincere

when you breathe and leave

behind the tizzy and busy


We’re a match me n’ you

Us two in the groove on the move

Sun fun, Moon swoon

Who knew.  I’m all Full now.



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