LIMERICKS… yes… really

I decided to play with some Limerick

After all, word play is my schtick

You might be entertained

With this little game

have fun and see if they click




There was this lady from Lones

She had a way of throwing out her bones

With gestures of metaphor thought

She wrapped them in possibilities a lot

This Lady grew hazy in that zone



There once was this guy from Maples

He had charms, was willing and able

To cast out a golden thread

woe a wily woman to bed

This guy was a spy from Staples


There was this woman quite clever

it was said she was quite the be-deviler

She brewed in her cauldron

A potion of bones, smiles, and citron

And fed it to all the good fellers


She gave a limerick a shot

After all they’re funny as snot

If snot were funny

she’d jump like a bunny

and run in front of cars a lot




29 june 2011  > 21/12/3  >  Universe/hanged one/empress


What can you do to get a new perspective on things?

Are you in charge of your life?

What is it that brews in you that needs you to take action on?



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