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This poem is inspired by a prompt from my creativity coach teacher, Jill Badonsky.  It doesn’t feel finished as many of my poems here aren’t and it is my dreamer’s vision held lightly in these words.

We were asked to write about who we would like to be if we could imagine ourselves to be anyone .  I believe her a mythical character, a traveler through space and timelessness, who find herself here on Earth.

If you could be anyone, who would you be????




I came to walk this land in intention

There is redemption in my wake

I am Loves call. I am the face of kindness

Intent to fill the spaces, the places in peaceful resolution

Show the solutions to your fearful heart


Kindness is my sceptre held before me

I dream it’s goodness in a dervish dance

What is chance but the blessing of possibilities

Laid on the altar of your life’s wholeness

Joy is your boldness, Love is all you need


War can not survive my breath

Violence quakes to stillness in my passing

Corruption dissolves to goodness

Humanity trembles away the hateful heart


Differences are met without fear

Fear lets light caress her darkness

Darkness comes to know her light

The fright of yesterday finds joy in the new dawn


I am she who reminds you of your wonder

that what is under your fear is love

Reminds you of your goodness

Reminds you that you are they and they are you

and you are all together forever


I walk the land as loving kindness

I am your finest self 

I am your grand reflection

I am the you you dreamt into being

I am holding your hand



30 june 2011  > 13/4/0 >  Death/emperor/Fool


What needs you to let it go?

How is your ‘castle’ holding up these days?

Can you do it sacred?



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