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31  july  2011   >  15/6   >   Devil/Lovers


What small thing might you do today to honor love?

What is getting in the way of you doing what you set out to do?

What are you going to do about that?



The last day of July gives itself to the Devil and the Lovers.   It’s all about relationship, with yourself, with other, with life and the world.  Loving relationship has a way of pulling on your strings and bedeviling you.  There is alway a challenge in the invitation of love.   It will gather the deep issues of what really matters on those core heart feeling, and toss in some bedevilment that forces you to address these issues.  You get to find out just how well you negotiate relationships.  So …how ARE you doing?

Love is a Hell of journey… pun intended.   Love is a tender heart.  Love is all that ever mattered


~~~~    *****    ~~~~    *****    ~~~~     *****     ~~~~


Love is everywhere all the time

It is witness to your giving


Love pours itself into a thimble

it is a riptide within your ocean


Love lingers in betrayal

it knows the darkness


Love caresses your soul

it knows the light


Love is everywhere all the time

it is witness to your taking


Love surrenders everything up

it is unconditional


Love shelters the storms

it will Be when nothing else is


Love calls you to it’s altar

it holds you sacred


Love is everywhere all the time

it is witness to your receiving


Love’s desire is to give without expectation.

Can you expect nothing from Love and give nothing other than Love? 







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30  july  2011  >  14/5  >   Art/Alchemy/Heirophant


 Do you have faith that nothing is impossible?

What magic do you need right now and can you call it to you?

What resources do you need to gather to make your life fluid?


OH CANADA….  visiting Rachel n’ Andy in London,ON.  Talking wedding plans and giving ourselves to good food and a coupla cocktails.  Lots of laughing.  

I am reminded of the feeling of having the future bright and full of opportunity.  Decades of possibilities stretched out before you.  There is no end to the wonder of it.

Age, shifts some of that, as there aren’t decades anymore.  I’m simply not going to be a prima ballerina or a rodeo queen.   I KNOW. Right?

And… there is more life gone then there is before me.   Not a bad thing just a fact.  Opportunities are different.  The bright future is in the settling in of where you have brought yourself, and the light of you, into being at this point.  Welcoming change and letting wonder and magic still find its way into all your days.

Oh… how I could go on about this…   I welcome any comments on this.


~~~~~     ^^^^     ~~~~~     ^^^^     ~~~~~     ^^^^


Wonders never cease

They shimmer between 

the spaces of invisibility

waiting to be noticed


You bump them all the time

they glitter and glimmer

a certain magic whisper

a call into their aura of space


That place of wonder that 

wants you to notice

wants you to feel the magic

wants the shine of your light


To see into the invisible spaces

feel the shiver that comes from

the marvel of it ALL.

Ceaseless, amazing, a miracle


Wonders never cease.

they are waiting for you to notice

waiting for you to feel 

that you have always been a Wonder






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29  july 2011   >  22/13/4/0  >  Death/Emperor/Fool


Can you give yourself to a foolish act today?  Act all silly

What do you need to release your attachment to?

Isn’t it time to get organized?


Two days of rain and I’m joyful.  Yipppppeeee.  The land needs it.  Heck.. if ya read the last entry, it’s clear I need it too.  Bring it on.

NEWs FLASH…  I found a house in Ann Arbor and I’m moving in on Sept. 1st.  I won’t even bore you with the big deal of it.  Suffice to say… huge roller coaster of life.  Way more fun (sometimes) when your arms are stretched to the sky and you’re racing down that high expanse of coaster… screamin’ your ass off.  ONly.. sometimes you’re really scared.



~~~    ****    ~~~    ****    ~~~    ****    ~~~    ****


Releasing attachment,




The letting go grabs at the throat 

slows the air flow to gasps

shallow breathing pants fear

out in jags that slice at any

forward motion


You let the jags slash

you let them stamp victory

cause scared is how you do it

these days.  and

shallow breathing screams 

for more air, more please


Fear is a Titan and heads

have to roll in the letting go

remembering there is as 

much time as you need.

There IS as much time as

you need.  


So what if you gasp into the fear

gasp away cause the wind

is picking you up anyway

and all you have to do is grab

at a big inhale.  Let it in to 

Let it go.  


Fears fingers only can hold

on for so long.  only for SO

long.  And damn that Titan

anyway, Cause you’re

takin’ him down scared

trembling, terrified, sick

to your stomach, mortified.


Breath is filling you up

shoulders drop, the grip

of fear is off your throat

and you know one thing

has been released.

One damn Titan is dead







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28  july  2011   >   21/12/3   >   universe/hangedone/empress


 What new lens do you need to look through?

Can you accept that the ‘Universe rushes to meet your intention’?

Is there someone in your life that needs you to be very clear and give good boundaries?

~~~    ****    ~~~

First let me say… YIPPEEEE, it rained.


I read an article by another writer that spoke to never editing or censoring the stories they tell and.. (the Big ‘and’)… they have published words that have hurt their family and friends.  Basically, dumping their emotional load all over the place with out thought to the feelings of others.  Or, more likely aware of the feelings of others and being care-less.  Thus, hurting themselves as well.

For me… that ain’t gonna happen.  Story that poo in a locked journal and burn it before you die that is,  If you remember to.  Writing is certainly a wonderful way to work through the troubles that life can bury you in.  And is it necessary to puke it up and lay your stink all over everyone else?

Anyone else have an opinion on this?  Anyway…  just wanted to say.  now.. back to the rest of the day.



~~~~~     ***    ~~~~~     ***     ~~~~~      ***    ~~~~~


Rain comes to soften 

lay it’s wet down

lay it’s moist deep

lay to the dry land

a hungry need


My dry days have a hunger

parched by the minds toils 

thirsty by the minds strains

burnt up by the ‘try too hard’


My dreams are brittle chards

that stab me awake

desiccate my sleep

hold me to the dry night

that seeks an oasis.


I am bone dry and I need rain


The rain comes to soften

it comes to wet me down

It comes to moisten my mind

It comes to fill my cup full

so I can pour out and fill again


I welcome the wet days

The days that soften





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27  july  2011  >  20/11/2  >  judgement/Lust/priestess


How  might you be more accountable to yourself?

How will you shine-up and give more ‘luster’ to your life?

What conversation do you need to have that you have put off?


All I can say is ‘Wheeew’.  OK.. that is hardly the only thing I can say.  More expletives live on the end of my tongue, ready to take a high dive into the realm of my living.  Would be that they held some profundity, I would be grateful.  Mostly, they are sighs and gentle curses.  I like to think of them as emotional discharge.

And.. to give you some idea of the state of all that, I had for dinner last night, coffee yogurt and several radishes.  Yes, I did.



~~~   ****   ~~~   ****   ~~~   ****   ~~~   ****


It’s not about living on the edge

tho’ nearly

It’s not about losing sleep

that’s annoying

It’s not about taking the next step

that’s thrilling

It’s pulling the dark out to the light


Big change pulls fear up to the edges

It gives sleep endless wake up calls

the next step feels like a stumble

what is pulling up to be seen

shines a light on fears fall


Go ahead and do it anyway

Go ahead do it scared

Go ahead with the gamble

There is nowhere to go 

when the where is over there.


It only matters if you let it

It only matters if you thing it does

It only matters cause we are all matter

living in the paradox of how life

shrinks and swells.



Live on the edge cause the view is beautiful

Lose sleep for the sweat of loves desire

Take steps between the dancing

let the Light and Dark of you feed your fire.





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26  july  2011  >  19/10/1  >  Sun/wheel of fortune/magician


That thing you have wanted to get started is waiting for you to start it. Can you?

CAn you believe that you DO have all the tools you need to do what you have to do?

What holds you back from shining?


I had a MUse for a few months.  NOw.. I thought, when the muse, mused away, that maybe I’d lose the musing ability to notice other Muses.  I have realized that at every turn of life something or someone offers a musing (amusing) opportunity.  And, I also realize that with just a turn up of the imagination, I can call upon every Muse I have ever had in my imagination to tumble out some gift they gave me long ago, or yesterday.

Which MEAns… yippee.  I am NEVEr.  (dare I say the ‘never’ word) without someone to Muse over.  What a relief.


****   ~~~   ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****




I called upon Earth to give me clue

how  to get busy and do what I do.

She said, 

Get yourself grounded

Get yourself straight.

Get yourself boundaries

set them in place.


I asked the Air to give me a clue 

how to rustle the wind to clear what I do

He said,

Let the breeze in you hair

Let the wind clear the way

Let your thoughts gather goodness

set your words in to play


I asked the Water to give me a clue

how to fill up, pour out to feel what I do

She said.

Let your heart dive in deep

Feel the flow of life complete

Be a thimble, be a sea, just be

let your heart be free


I asked the Fire to give me a clue

how to focus my passion, to inspire what I do

He said.

Let your flame rise up high

Feed the inner hearth that is you

Be Creation’s sacred tool

let inspiration call to you


I thanked each element with honor and grace

I wanted to let them settle in place

all around me, within me, 

wherever they might

I called upon Spirit to center my light

all together we’re gathered





n’ Spirit

Can I just tell you

It all feels so right

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25 july 2011  >  18/9  >  Moon/Hermit


Is there something that ‘hides’ with in you that needs to have a little light?

Can your trust that the wisdom you have is ready and worthy to be shared?

What if you let yourself dance in the MOON Light?


Is it going to be hot and sunny today?   WHY… YES.. it is.  Surprise.  Every day that’s like this I wanna be at some beach, floating in the water with a little cute floaty thingy.

I was touched to receive an email from the sister of Jean Mullen, my musician friend from the early 70’s, that lost her life tragically so long ago.  It will be an honor to have my poem on her website.  How cool is that?  Thanks Diane.  Magic happens.


~~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


Travelin’ to the far-side

doesn’t mean you get to

the side you want

Means you’re travelin’ 

in that direction

over there to the far-side


It might be that the near-side

is the right side

or the left side 

you got bored with all that

sure you were on the wrong side

of that track with a side glance


and all that blue highway travelin’ 

or the high you took on the side

so you could get over to the other side

was just a side show that took you 

off side ways, carelessly.


Travelin’ to the far-side doesn’t 

mean you get to the side you want

or any side at all.

Besides, it might even make

you be-side yourself

so close to yourself that

you might have to find out 

who you really are.

Standing in the center

all sides accounted for.






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24  july  2011  >  17/8  >  Star/balance/adjustment


How can you best care for yourself?

What can you do at home that makes a difference in your global community?

Can you try to do it with out being 100%perfect?


Family reunion. Two sweet new babies, Hazel and Olivia.  A bunch of old geezers hangin’ with the younguns.  A leisurely ride around the lake in the pontoon.  A wing ‘cook-off’ sponsored by  the boys.     All of them were super tasty.  Way too much food.    It’s early morning and the lake is quiet and the day has promise of more summer fun.


~~~~   ***    ~~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***


What lives in a promise?

The giving of words that say it will be so?

A sun that fills the blue with possibility?

That there is life ever after?

That what you say will be so?

What lives in a promise?


Promise hangs on hope

with words spoken in earnest

Unknown is the ways of change


I will return soon

give your heart to the waiting

sudden life taken


I give you forever

to the vastness of my heart

my touch waits for you


 Gamble in promise

hope lingers in the outcome

Expecting nothing


Chance, change, the unknown

throws the good promise away

lays the want to pain

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23  july  2011  >  16/7  >  Tower/Chariot


Have you laid your ‘foundation’ well?

Can you remember what is at the heart of your passion and return there?

What needs your focus right now?


~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****


You leave behind your history in the walls, in the carpet, in the wood,

on the counter, on all the doors.  All surfaces hold the life you lead.

They hold your stories.




The carpet is haunted 

Thousands of miles of living

shiver up my feet in memories

left snuggled and strangled

in this wool tuft


  I am filled 

     with someone else’s yesterdays


My fingers caressed the walls

the beige of them covered the stain

the longing that lived here

I lingered with my touch 

held to the familiarity 


     I am filled 

        with my own yesterdays



The couch held me like a lost lover

the tender caressed the backside of me

pushed through me in waves of desire

I sat there for a long time 

quivering with want


          I am filled

              with love’s yesterdays






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22  JULY  2011  >  15/6  >  Devil/Lovers


What teases and taunts you that you really need to let go of?

Why do you keep drawing negative relationships to you?

How can you give self-love a chance?


It’s chilly out there today.  A drop of 10degrees down to 90.  ooooooooo.  I find that talking about the weather is one of those things you talk about when there is nothing else to talk about. ya kNow?  AND… the weather here is worthy of a little chat cause it’s treacherous and at record highs.  How are you keeping cool?

The weather outside brings to mind the metaphor of the weather inside.  Are ya feeling stormy?  Are you a little under the weather?   Has bedevilment tossed you to the tides?   Has Love made the sky blue, and the Sun a bright and shiny day?  How does your inner weather barometer relate to the outside world?



My Weather, whether or not


 My weather is partly cloudy

a chance of raining

a slash of lightning

a rumble of thundering


Whether I like it or not


It would be nice if I was 

hot n’ steamy

moist and dewy

bright n’ sunny


What’s good about my weather

it is ever changing

nature is rearranging

my climate can be quite amazing


Whether I like it or not


I don’t match with today’s forecast

I’m all stormy

not so very sunny

my temperature is a little funny


Whether I like it or not


The thing that’s good about my weather

is I can change it

I can rearrange it

I can shift it


Weather is  like that 


Behind that grey cloud is my sun 

and it’s breaking through

the sky is going blue

I’m movin’ my mood


Weather is like that

I’m like that

Whether or not



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