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There is no accounting for desire

it holds the hand of want with fierce intent

They relent together if relent hears the call

They speak in whispers beneath the sheets

of yearning


The thing is,


is that it might not be the want you want

nor the desire that feeds the feel good of love

that wears charm’s deceptions in silver and blue

and you think your whispers touch the soul 

they never really hear you. 

Not really


The thing is,


is that this there is no accounting for desire

it’s a circus full of illusions and rare beauty

they want you too, they do, you’re sure of it.

they will never relent it’s a part of the magic

It IS the magic


The thing is,


is that vulnerability cloaked you in yearning

you walked naked down the MidWay

desire in one hand and want in the other

You didn’t know you were the main event

You didn’t know.


The thing is,


Is that there is no accounting for desire

It makes you want to be the main event,

the spectacle to be seen, the focus of illusion

You want  to be accounted for and wanted

You want to be wanted in return

The thing is…


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2  july 2011  >  13/4/0  >  death/emperor/fool


If you feel all full up, what needs to go?

How can you make room for what is truly important to you?

Can you take the jump for your own freedom?


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