At my brothers, on Lake Fenton, we took the pontoon out for a spin on the lake.   Almost 100 degree.  The lake made it all good and lovely.  Storm comes up.  WOW… the clouds were amazing; Like dark grey fractals exploding across the sky.  We charge for the shore and home.  Ya don’t wanna be in an electrical storm in a little boat on a lake.  We hit the shore… dock it and it is pouring.  Lashing us with sheets of water and hail.  Hail the size of my finger nails.  ouch.  A crack of thunder and we all scream.  I mean we frickin Scream cause it was right above our heads.  I thought I wet myself.   I was already soak on my right side so what difference would a little tinkle be .. right?   Of course we laughed right after cause that’s what ya do when you feel scared and foolish.  

It passed as quick as it deluged. Our peaceful float turned on us in minutes. 


                                                Clouds, angry ready

                                          lay their dark hunger on us

                                               lash at our tremble 



                                        Peace gave of her storm

                                       tumbled nature’s force on us

                                        claps thunders relent




3 july 2011  >  14/5  >  Alchemy/hierophant


What seems impossible that you might challenge yourself to do?

Who said you couldn’t do that?

What resources do you need to gather to get it done?


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