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Can you trust your vulnerability?

Can you ‘hold the space’ for bringing heaven here to earth?

Are you willing to be truly seen?



I like it when a new word crosses my path, even if it’s not a word found in the dictionary.  A word gifted from someone with their own definition which I am not completely sure of their meaning.  So I made up my own.

‘Respontaniety’.  I suppose you could hyphenate it.. re-spontaniety.  I think it loses the feel I have for it’s definition with a hyphen. Re-spontaniety… seem more like it means to redo a spontaneous moment.  Like how do you do that?  Would it be spontaneous again?  mmmm  That ain’t right…


‘respontaniety’  means for me:  1: to respond suddenly,  2:   to be spontaneous in ones response to a given moment, question, feeling, sensation.   3:   to respond suddenly when one decides to get around to it.


I fear #3 is the definition reflected by the wordsmith of this word.  The other two work much better for me as I muse around in the pool of possibilities.  As I muse and wonder about this word Respontaniety and consider it’s source.  

If any of you have a definition, I’d love to hear it.  It’s a worthy word and I’m going to use it. 


~~~  ***  ~~~  ***  ~~~  ***  ~~~  ***  ~~~  ***  ~~~  ***  ~~~ 


Questions that lead to answers 

that lead to questions 

that lead to knowing 

that lead to understanding

that lead to deepening knowledge

that lead to more questions


that let us find our likeness and 

differences in what we gather to our

wisdom about our experiences, 

our fears

our shortcomings

our clever goings

our spontaneity

our slow to share

our quick to give



Rest…. comfort in what is gathered


let it simmer.  let it tickle

let it resist,  let it ponder

let it provoke, let it have wonder

let it know care-fullness

let it wait… 



let the inquiry not be a burden

it is the foreplay of desire’s

want to share the heart

to be seen… to be heard 

to be heard .. to be seen


It is in the giving of answers

that allows response to find

it’s reflection, 

to experience another

to explore possibilities

to reject, to unfold,

to discern.


To find each other.




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3 responses to “RESPONTANEITY

  1. mamma

    Respontaneity: What this geezer girl is trying to work on… lost youth spontaneity, burdened by the responsibilities we have taken on through our lives that make us feel we need to stick to a plan each day and not take advantage of a spontaneous event. Let me think about it, check my calendar and I`ll call you back… ooops… too late!


  2. Well done I love words, inventing, stretching them to their full range.


  3. creative thoughts…
    well done

    Happy Potluck.


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