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What gets written here is the response to life around and within me.  It happens spontaneously each morning: revved up by what muses me, or who muses me.  Maybe what amuses me…It comes out of my shadows, my heart, my observations and maybe a little wisdom I have Geezer myself to over the decades.

I am compelled to question and seek in this life: held to Curiosity’s pull, her whims and endless suggestions.

I know me better for knowing you.  What a gift you all are.



There is no shame in responding

it is in the giving of self that 

heart finds her witness in 

the caress of knowing


There is no demand 

for inquiry seeks to

touch the heart cord to

better know life’s sacred journey


What is curiosity but the

way to find myself to you

to find myself to 





7  july 2011  >  18/9  >  Moon/ Hermit


What mysteries live in your shadows that need some light?

What will you pull out of your ‘tool shed’ to bring the job to completion?

What are your dreams trying to tell you?


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One response to “NO ‘NOLO’

  1. mamma

    You muse me


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