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Found it… gonna steal it.  Thanks   Jill.  The Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about and that means I can steal a picture and give you what I wrote about it.  so…  there… 

 The 7:47 rainbow was late.  It wasn’t the first time, not even the second time. OK.. don’t make me even figure out how many times that damn rainbow was runnin’ late.  I mean.. WTF? 

It’s not like I’m counting or anything.  OK.. I’m counting.  It’s just that I expect a Rainbow, we’re talking Rainbow here…no matter how fickle, will lay its prism in alignment with the rest of the Universe to get us where we wanna go. Ya know?

 So…here I am, at Rainbows End, all seven colors in unison, waiting for take off.  Right?

Tap the little foot… tappy tap tap tap…waiting.  Ya with me here?  No, sign of  the Rainbow Express to Outside the Universe.  It’s like the 7th color time I’ve been waiting.  Outside the Universe is so damn remote and…it’s a frickin expensive ticket.  I mean…like a million gaggillion bubblebutts.  And… ya gotta pack real light for carry on. Ya know?  

 I realize there are spasms in the Galactic Universe that make this kinda travel volatile.  And you know how those dang Rainbows are?  Right?  Sure … sure they try to catch the light and rain just right so they can bridge the Earth/Universe continuum light thingy just so.

Ya..right. goodluck on that one.

 Anyway… I’m hopeful.  The glitter of gold at the end is enchanting, and all I really wanna do is take a closer look at the Galactic End of things to get some perspective. It’s not like I haven’t had some gold at the end of a rainbow or two.  Watz gold when there is Infinity to travel to?  Right?



 10 july 2011  >  21/12/3  >  Universe/hangedone/Empress


How big is your Universe?

Isn’t it time to take another perspective?

Who have you been ‘leaving out’ that needs your attention?





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  1. bless you, my friend, you rock. patience is the key.

    keep shining.


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