Summer be bringin’ in shorter days.  It don’t make no sense, that shortin’ the days.  But there ya have it.  Gitz all hot and stifflin’.  Rain don’t fall much.  Grass is lookin’ like dried up straw.  The plants be drooping there little sorry ass heads.  It just ain’t right.  It Ain’t right!  I asked the sky to drop us some rain n’ all.  Blow out a cloud or two or three on behalf that the land done need it some wetness.   But NO… daddy sky be all blue, bright n’ cheery like…  Making the Sun all fire hot and beamin down on us fools all sweaty and stinky.  Mamma Earth be shakin’ her forests at daddy sky.  OOO.. there is gonna be some hot hell rising between those two, mark my words.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.  

Ya… well who done care what da hell I gotz to say.  I’m just some silly woman asking for some cool down and rain to fall.  I ain’t in no hurry for the fall to come n’all, but I gotta tell ya,  I like the days cooler and smelling cool and spicy.  Dats just me.  Not really a summer girl, less I’m laid out on a raft in the middle of the lake, diving beneath the surface for some cool down. Ya know whatz I mean?  Ain’t no lake to be had on this day.


Work calls and my girls needs me to coiff ‘em up just right and make ‘em real pretty.  It’s one of my pleasures makin’ ‘em feel real good bout themselves n’ all.  No frumpy comin’ from my beauty shop.  No sirry.  

Anyways, I gottzta get on with this little jabber ramble I gotz going on here.  Ya’ll probably wonderin’ ‘what is she all on about this morning,’ any ol’ way.  Just a ramblin’ fool caught in this sorta strange rhythm, passin’ it right on out at cha. WHY?  Well… cause I can.  It’s my dadgum silly ass blog and I can do this kinda thing.


Dar’s some poetry in it, I’m damn sure of it.  Let me see now… I call upon the Spirits of  The Poetry to lay their wonder all over me and give me up somthin’ special for ya’ll.  


Summer likes to put her stinky hot on

She’ll burnz yer feet 

makes ya  all sweaty wet too long


If yer smart yer Lookin’ for a dip in the pond

Preferin’ to swim all naked 

with no clothes on


You might claim to like these Dog Days

When Mr. Sun burns yer ass

 in many ways


Likely, yer hiding out in the shade

saying summer is nice

yer lying I knowz anyway


Me, I like to lay out in the cool

sippin’ my ice tea

long side the neighbor’s pool


If I had neighbors who had a pool

I don’t… silly fool


That is the best I gotz today…   later gators.


~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


11  july 2011  >  13/4/0  >  Death/emperor/fool


Is it time for you to take a risk and just jump on in?

What do you need to do to rid yourself of all that unwanted ‘stuff’”?

Is it time for you to create better boundaries with your friends and family?



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  1. I love this post, a pool sounds good right now and I agree that a little rain wouldn’t hurt anyone.


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