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Zydeco…. I’m still feelin’ it in my early morning body.  Thanks you Terrance and your band for all that pleasure.  Does it matter that my knee may never work again?  No.  e’tu cher

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He has an honest smile

it doesn’t matter what 

the rest of him has to say


He gives it like rain in a drought

He fires your tired body

He gives it as if the breath of him

might stop if the Zydeco dies


He has an honest smile

it doesn’t matter what

devil honestly might lurk 


I am covered in that white beam

I feel the pearly white go inside me

I am honest as the day I was born

I feel the Truth fill me up


I am his Zydeco

I am his honest smile

and the Truth is 

     I must dance




13  july  2011   >  15/6  >  Devil/lovers


How can you be more loving today?

What can the Devil ‘make’ you do, that you know doesn’t serve your life?

What does the creative force of life look like for you?




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