Signage… oh my!  The new art on my building is awesome.  Stacy, rocked it.  Check out the scissors. WAT?  

OH YA.  This is what being aligned with you creative force is for and artist.  Stacy will being doing his Graffiti on t-shirt in the parking lot over ART FAir….

Ann Arbor Art Fair begins next Wednesday.  I will be out front selling antiques and collectables, artist jewelry, Hair Feather Extensions, STUFF.  So, for you local people PLEASE, stop by and hang out for awhile.

Support your local ARTISTS…


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The Soul has no boundaries

 it calls forth a form to speak through


Be the vehicle of your Soul’s quest


Let Creation’s will fill you up

Aligned with The Force 

Fill up and give back


You are a boundless soul

held to this life’s form


Holy is your name on the Path of Kindness


Call to order to what gives you Joy. 

Call Infinite possibility to your play ground

Give your face to the rising Sun


The magic in Creation’s promise

thrills to what you are destine to become


You are a soul unfolding

You are mastery in creation

You are a mystery

You are beautiful

You are perfect as you are



Be the Peace, Be the Wonder, 

Be Here Now… 



 14  july  2011  >  16/7  >  Tower/Charioteer


Does what you ‘stand-on’, the foundation of you, represent what you think of you?

Is what you focus on worthy of the focus?

Are you in alignment with your higher self from top to bottom?


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2 responses to “SOUL-FULL

  1. I can hear Dennis Hopper recite this from the 70’s clear as day. Great write.


  2. This is gorgeous, so inspiring I feel uplifted reading it. Also your background it lovely!


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