15  july  2011   >  17/8   >   Star/adjustment/balance


                    Full Moon in Capricorn… n Sun in Cancer


Can you release the burden of responsibility and let it be simply what you need to do right now? 

Can you remember that what feels overwhelm right now is simply you trying to do the right thing?

How can you Think global and Act Local?


There is so much going on Astrologically that I can’t even begin to ramble on about it.  I need not tell you that we’re a world on overload and overwhelm.  For me… I’m doing my best to pay attention to the things I can do in my immediate world; home, work, friendship.  Sorting what I am responsible for and being sure that I breathe and find some pleasures between the stress-full spaces.

I am reminded to “Think Global, Act Local”  Local can be my own body, mind, and spirit.  Which is about as local as I can get.  Taking that ‘local’ out into my home, my family and making a difference. Being a grounding force and sustainer of the goodness here.  These are the places I can make a difference.

How about you?


~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   


Water faces her Earth

All full and beaming 

Filling the night

Ruling the sky


Lover’s eyes greet 

sing to what professes to be

flow in life’s cycles

holds the gaze in celestial desire


Form calls to Heart

Heart needs design to 

hold her sea.

Together they give the dream


Of becoming fluid form

Earth drinks from Heart’s cup

Water lays her moist on the land. 

Full and replenished





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