MIRAGE… is it?

I won’t drown in you

even when the float has felt good

even when the dive touches deep

even when your waters caress my soul

I won’t drown in you


You give me your need

it rolls in unspoken words

your tide hits my shore

waves of it try to push me under

I race for higher ground


Your need wandered the desert

parched and shriveled dry

dying lonely, abandoned 

living in the mirage of just over there

in the sea of sand and sun


I was your Oasis, a illusion of truths

fluid inquiry of desires ocean of want

laid out before your starving soul

in ocean blue and sea green

all moist and ready to fill you up


How could I deny your arid soul?

a wanderer in search of heart

I was a lake to dive into

a full cup to drink of

you tried to drink all of me


My waters can not fill your desert

my heart can not kiss your shore

finding me did not will not fill you

you wander the desert lost in the mirage

your heart a sea of sand and emptiness 


There is No drowning in that quicksand


~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


I read other peoples poetry blogs regularly and sometimes there is lots of pain and angst in their words.  Love lost, abandonment, mental illness, despair.  Quite amazing actually.  some of it touches me and some of it I don’t feel it or get it.  so… todays poem feels inspired by some of that cause I have had all those pains whirling in me at some time or another.  I felt the above on more than one occasion and then some.

One of the things that can happen when all the element collide internally.



 ~~~   ***   ~~~   **   ~~~   ***   ~~~   **   ~~~


 16  july  2001   >  18/9   >   Moon/Hermit

 What tool do you need, to find the strength to  bring what needs to be finished to completion?

Can you get it done?

Do you need to shine a little bit more light on it?



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2 responses to “MIRAGE… is it?

  1. At times It’s hard to read because I somehow Get swallowed up in the moment of their emotions. I can imagine being drowned in quicksand, so It was very evocative for me.


  2. Linda C

    powerful, evocative imagery!


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