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Can you turn up your inner light and be seen?

What new beginnings do you need to take a chance on?

Is today a day you need to make it ‘all-about-you”?


So much fun on Crooked Lake.  Floating, sipping mojitos, filling on paella, laughing with friends… A perfect summer day.

Today… I’m kinda gonna cheat a little cause I’m part of an on line writer’s group, and a prompt goes out twice a week.   I keep this blog writing separate from what I write there, AND… I’m behind for todays prompt.

So.. today I use Jill’s prompt here and there.  CHEATER.. hahahahah.. Thanks Jill.


Prompt… write a short paragraph of something I did this week then write another one that is an exaggeration of the same story.    Here it goes.. just so ya know, it’s 7:53 a.m. EST


~~~   ***  ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


I waited on the dock for the speed boat to pick me up and drop me into the center of the lake on to the “Island Raft”.  The Island Raft is a massive yellow and red circle of plastic and fibers that lets 8 people stretch out comfortably with a blow up table in the center to rest your feet or set a tray of snack.  We did both of those things. 

The raft was attached to the Pontoon, along with a crazy looking giant yellow and red tube.  We were a flotilla in the center of this small lake floating  7 children, and 5 adults.

I made my special mojitos, a drink of limeade, fresh mint, and rum.  I made a lot of it.  The 7 children had a cooler of pop mixed in with the beer.  There were trays of cheese, smoked salmon, salami, fruit, salsa, guacamole, chips, baguettes, nuts, and brownies.  We were ready for a day of fun on the lake.  I didn’t arrive till 3pm so the company of the group was well settled into the fun on the flotilla, happy to have me on board.

The Raft had a lot of coming and goings with the 12 of us.  I only moved from one comfort zone to another for better viewing of the skiing and tubing done by the children and a couple of the men folk.  I was careful to not spill my mojito when the ski boat drove it’s waves into us.  We’d roll and smack on the lake, laughing hysterically.  “Don’t spill the cocktail!”

It was the perfect lazy summer day:  Adults lounging on the pontoon, or the Island Raft, the kids making a floating island of ‘noodle’s and life jackets next to us in the water, splashing and gossiping.  There was no reason to remember our chatter, that consisted of our observations and kid stuff.  No talk of news, or world strife, no talk of the heavy burdens of Michigan and the politic.  Just a day given to pleasure.  Letting the sun, the lake, and good company fill us up.  (8:21)


                                            Float serenity

                                       bobbing in the lake of life

                                        give waves of laughter 




I always burn to a crisp when ever I go to the beach.  I hate the sun.  It’s really very evil and you know… it will put cancer all over your body?  

I agreed to go to the lake cause everyone else was going and what was I gonna do all alone on a Saturday afternoon. Garden?  NOT.  Same difference, poking around in the dirt in the evil Sun.

I had to prepare for the day: long sleeve shirt, capris,  that huge floppy hat of mine, my Christian dior sunglasses, my flowered umbrella, my tube or 75 SPF, which I would slather several times all over me.  No way was I going to bring a bathing suit.  I don’t have one anyway.  Why?  I mean really, why?  I don’t swim, and I don’t like water except for bathing and spaing.  I never let unknown bodies of water touch my skin; all that yuck and creepy business in there.  God knows what evil lurks beneath those surfaces.

Anyway,  I’m challenged with all this lake business right from the git go.  We get to the lake and have to walk forever to get to the dock and I did pack heavy for the day.  The lake is the size of quarter and I can see little green stalks of something poking up on the surface.  Shit.  I am not moving past this dock, period.

Everyone is laughing and all excited about going out to the “flotilla’.  What the hell is a flotilla?, I ask  Ben points out to a cluster of yellow, reds and white, in a heap on the lake.  Apparently, that is the destination and there is the roar of a motor boat headed for us.  The laughter is getting on my last nerve.  I’m thinking what the hell is so funny?  

I am encouraged to get into the boat that will take us to that cluster of fun in the sun.  Nope… not me.  I’m gonna sit right here on the dock, under the umbrella, and wait for you all to return.  Actually, I think I’ll just go right back up to the cottage and sit inside for the day.  Thank you very much, I hope you don’t mind.  Bye Bye see ya later.  (8:41)


                                                    miserable girl

                                                sunshine  opportunity

                                                 floats on empty sea


 The END…

 Well there ya have it… now I had a little fun. 


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  1. Fantasy and reality both good stories.


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