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Sippy the coffee.   Big morning yawn, stretch.  Admit that life is racing and you/me  are grabbin’ it by the seat of it’s panties.  Ok.. maybe it’s just me.  Sippy more coffee.

My friend Linda and I had a very good conversation the other day.  We covered a lot of turf and spirit.  One thing from that chat that holds me tight to a ‘truth’ for me is,  Heart’s Desire.   Staying aligned with what the heart/spirit knows is essential for me.  In what ever I do, think, feel, sense; does it align with my Heart’s greatest desire?  If it doesn’t then give it up and proceed to what does, remembering the heart has a quiet voice and needs you/me to settle quiet like and listen.  Slow it allll down and listen, let the heart speak.


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there is no wander necessary

the heart beats in the center of you

pumps life force through you constantly

2,000 gallons a day…



there is no diverge to find your life

it has always sat at the center of you

quiet, giving itself to it’s job

supporting you unconditionally



there is no need to swerve away from it

when you think you need to find 

yourself, your heart’s desire,

it has always been with you, centered



there is no zig or zag, no straying needed

the heart has always been there to feed you

it knows what you need

Will you listen?



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What needs you to ‘set-it-straight’ today?

Do you need to talk about it with someone?

What is it that calls you to be accountable and can you be?





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