~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


Giving up attachment to the outcome

Surrender it all up so you get some

thing else that will be more right


Hard to say from the git go

When need is answered with a no no

survival has a new fight


Didn’t know till ya got there

Seein’ the goodness in the despair

turn the darkness into light


Not sure the path to follow

when the insides feel so hollow

keep heart’s desire in sight


Pull outta the forlorn

dress up and adorn

dance magic out of the night


Give it up to the light

Honor the night

Feel what is right

let go of the fight

keep heart’s desire in sight


~~~   ***   ~~~   ***  ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


all I have to say after that poem is this…

Oh… It’s stinky, sticky hot out there.  I mean, I’m talkin’, hit-the-outside-and-feel-wet-all-over-immediately,

kinda hot.  It’s Set up day for the Ann Arbor Art Fair, and I figure it’s gonna take it’s toll on us all for the next 5 days. 

Mother Nature wins.  It’s rare that the outside windows of my house are steamed up.  Think Cool.  Be cool.




19 july  2011  >  21/12/3  >  Universe/hangedOne/empress


What keeps you from entering into your life fully?

How might you brainstorm a new path to sustainability?

What female figure in your life needs you to listen?


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One response to “BRING IT TO THE LIGHT

  1. Hydrate is the word for the week.


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