20  july  2011  >  13/4/0  >  Death/Emperor/Fool


What need letting go of today?

What have you resisted that needs you give a little?

Can you give up your attachment and let it be free?


Practicing what I preach…  I write this daily numerology linking it up with the Tarot cards everyday.  A little invitation to consider the ebb and flow of life and maybe inspire you to probe a little deeper into questions that invite new possibilities.  And… I like to think I do it for myself, a reminder of what I might be mind-full of each day.  What I have been noticing is that I write it and conveniently forget it.  

WAT?  yep… I KNOw..RIGHT?…I’m hoping that it sits in my consciousness somewhere and I try to trust that it will rise up and tap me on the proverbial shoulder when I need an insight.   Mostly, I write it and don’t give it a second thought alll dang day.

Don’t  let the Death card throw you off.  It’s about transformation, letting go, surrender, endings that open space for new beginnings.  

Death says,  “Sorry, it’s not working for ya.  Too much stuff, relationship that’s not so good, work is poopy, you’re attached all over the place to things in life that don’t serve your life. Dump ‘em.  Refresh. Give space.  Transform what needs letting go of.

The EMperor says, “Good, now you’ve cleared the way and have some space, why not rebuild and organize your castle. Why not set some new boundaries?  Get grounded.  Set some rules that work for you.  What is essential to your life?”  

The Fool says,   “OH there you go again, building, filling, organizing, and then dumping it all and starting over.  Don’t get me wrong, you can do that, cause that’s what you people do.  I say, be free, unencumbered by stuff.   Take the risk that you will be absolutely fine just as you are.  Life awaits you to live it…Jump on in to  and see what happens.”



                                Surrender Dorothy

                           lay your bloom at death’s doorway

                               transform the way home


                             do it scared and jump

                           risk in life’s transformation

                                 know infinity


                         make home in the heart

                         your temple is bone and flesh

                                lay roots in the wind





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