21 july 2011  >  14/5  >  Art(alchemy)/Hierophant


What resource are you missing that would pull together what you need right now?

What little thing can you do to face what seems impossible and make it possible?

What does your heart’s desire seek?



HOT… STEAMY…  STay hydrated.  what else can I say?  I mean really?  Dang.  

~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~ 

Mix the impossible with the improbable

Imagine that what can’t be can

Stir in something unlikely

Hold your demon’s hand


Make something out of nothing

Fold in what is  absurd

Whisk together what you can’t do

Let Heart’s desire be your word


What sense is there in nothing

Everything is everywhere

YOU are the magician’s wand

Tap tap and here is there


If fear is what beguiles you

Tempts away your magic charms

It is only you with the impossible

That will mix a brew that disarms


Mix the improbable with the impossible

Imagine what cant’ be can

Stir in something unimaginable

Yes you can 

Yes you can

Yes you can





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