22  JULY  2011  >  15/6  >  Devil/Lovers


What teases and taunts you that you really need to let go of?

Why do you keep drawing negative relationships to you?

How can you give self-love a chance?


It’s chilly out there today.  A drop of 10degrees down to 90.  ooooooooo.  I find that talking about the weather is one of those things you talk about when there is nothing else to talk about. ya kNow?  AND… the weather here is worthy of a little chat cause it’s treacherous and at record highs.  How are you keeping cool?

The weather outside brings to mind the metaphor of the weather inside.  Are ya feeling stormy?  Are you a little under the weather?   Has bedevilment tossed you to the tides?   Has Love made the sky blue, and the Sun a bright and shiny day?  How does your inner weather barometer relate to the outside world?



My Weather, whether or not


 My weather is partly cloudy

a chance of raining

a slash of lightning

a rumble of thundering


Whether I like it or not


It would be nice if I was 

hot n’ steamy

moist and dewy

bright n’ sunny


What’s good about my weather

it is ever changing

nature is rearranging

my climate can be quite amazing


Whether I like it or not


I don’t match with today’s forecast

I’m all stormy

not so very sunny

my temperature is a little funny


Whether I like it or not


The thing that’s good about my weather

is I can change it

I can rearrange it

I can shift it


Weather is  like that 


Behind that grey cloud is my sun 

and it’s breaking through

the sky is going blue

I’m movin’ my mood


Weather is like that

I’m like that

Whether or not



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