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Have you laid your ‘foundation’ well?

Can you remember what is at the heart of your passion and return there?

What needs your focus right now?


~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****


You leave behind your history in the walls, in the carpet, in the wood,

on the counter, on all the doors.  All surfaces hold the life you lead.

They hold your stories.




The carpet is haunted 

Thousands of miles of living

shiver up my feet in memories

left snuggled and strangled

in this wool tuft


  I am filled 

     with someone else’s yesterdays


My fingers caressed the walls

the beige of them covered the stain

the longing that lived here

I lingered with my touch 

held to the familiarity 


     I am filled 

        with my own yesterdays



The couch held me like a lost lover

the tender caressed the backside of me

pushed through me in waves of desire

I sat there for a long time 

quivering with want


          I am filled

              with love’s yesterdays






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