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How can you best care for yourself?

What can you do at home that makes a difference in your global community?

Can you try to do it with out being 100%perfect?


Family reunion. Two sweet new babies, Hazel and Olivia.  A bunch of old geezers hangin’ with the younguns.  A leisurely ride around the lake in the pontoon.  A wing ‘cook-off’ sponsored by  the boys.     All of them were super tasty.  Way too much food.    It’s early morning and the lake is quiet and the day has promise of more summer fun.


~~~~   ***    ~~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***


What lives in a promise?

The giving of words that say it will be so?

A sun that fills the blue with possibility?

That there is life ever after?

That what you say will be so?

What lives in a promise?


Promise hangs on hope

with words spoken in earnest

Unknown is the ways of change


I will return soon

give your heart to the waiting

sudden life taken


I give you forever

to the vastness of my heart

my touch waits for you


 Gamble in promise

hope lingers in the outcome

Expecting nothing


Chance, change, the unknown

throws the good promise away

lays the want to pain

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One response to “PROMISES PROMISES

  1. Your last stanza sums it up well.


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