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25 july 2011  >  18/9  >  Moon/Hermit


Is there something that ‘hides’ with in you that needs to have a little light?

Can your trust that the wisdom you have is ready and worthy to be shared?

What if you let yourself dance in the MOON Light?


Is it going to be hot and sunny today?   WHY… YES.. it is.  Surprise.  Every day that’s like this I wanna be at some beach, floating in the water with a little cute floaty thingy.

I was touched to receive an email from the sister of Jean Mullen, my musician friend from the early 70’s, that lost her life tragically so long ago.  It will be an honor to have my poem on her website.  How cool is that?  Thanks Diane.  Magic happens.


~~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


Travelin’ to the far-side

doesn’t mean you get to

the side you want

Means you’re travelin’ 

in that direction

over there to the far-side


It might be that the near-side

is the right side

or the left side 

you got bored with all that

sure you were on the wrong side

of that track with a side glance


and all that blue highway travelin’ 

or the high you took on the side

so you could get over to the other side

was just a side show that took you 

off side ways, carelessly.


Travelin’ to the far-side doesn’t 

mean you get to the side you want

or any side at all.

Besides, it might even make

you be-side yourself

so close to yourself that

you might have to find out 

who you really are.

Standing in the center

all sides accounted for.






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