26  july  2011  >  19/10/1  >  Sun/wheel of fortune/magician


That thing you have wanted to get started is waiting for you to start it. Can you?

CAn you believe that you DO have all the tools you need to do what you have to do?

What holds you back from shining?


I had a MUse for a few months.  NOw.. I thought, when the muse, mused away, that maybe I’d lose the musing ability to notice other Muses.  I have realized that at every turn of life something or someone offers a musing (amusing) opportunity.  And, I also realize that with just a turn up of the imagination, I can call upon every Muse I have ever had in my imagination to tumble out some gift they gave me long ago, or yesterday.

Which MEAns… yippee.  I am NEVEr.  (dare I say the ‘never’ word) without someone to Muse over.  What a relief.


****   ~~~   ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****




I called upon Earth to give me clue

how  to get busy and do what I do.

She said, 

Get yourself grounded

Get yourself straight.

Get yourself boundaries

set them in place.


I asked the Air to give me a clue 

how to rustle the wind to clear what I do

He said,

Let the breeze in you hair

Let the wind clear the way

Let your thoughts gather goodness

set your words in to play


I asked the Water to give me a clue

how to fill up, pour out to feel what I do

She said.

Let your heart dive in deep

Feel the flow of life complete

Be a thimble, be a sea, just be

let your heart be free


I asked the Fire to give me a clue

how to focus my passion, to inspire what I do

He said.

Let your flame rise up high

Feed the inner hearth that is you

Be Creation’s sacred tool

let inspiration call to you


I thanked each element with honor and grace

I wanted to let them settle in place

all around me, within me, 

wherever they might

I called upon Spirit to center my light

all together we’re gathered





n’ Spirit

Can I just tell you

It all feels so right

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