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How  might you be more accountable to yourself?

How will you shine-up and give more ‘luster’ to your life?

What conversation do you need to have that you have put off?


All I can say is ‘Wheeew’.  OK.. that is hardly the only thing I can say.  More expletives live on the end of my tongue, ready to take a high dive into the realm of my living.  Would be that they held some profundity, I would be grateful.  Mostly, they are sighs and gentle curses.  I like to think of them as emotional discharge.

And.. to give you some idea of the state of all that, I had for dinner last night, coffee yogurt and several radishes.  Yes, I did.



~~~   ****   ~~~   ****   ~~~   ****   ~~~   ****


It’s not about living on the edge

tho’ nearly

It’s not about losing sleep

that’s annoying

It’s not about taking the next step

that’s thrilling

It’s pulling the dark out to the light


Big change pulls fear up to the edges

It gives sleep endless wake up calls

the next step feels like a stumble

what is pulling up to be seen

shines a light on fears fall


Go ahead and do it anyway

Go ahead do it scared

Go ahead with the gamble

There is nowhere to go 

when the where is over there.


It only matters if you let it

It only matters if you thing it does

It only matters cause we are all matter

living in the paradox of how life

shrinks and swells.



Live on the edge cause the view is beautiful

Lose sleep for the sweat of loves desire

Take steps between the dancing

let the Light and Dark of you feed your fire.





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2 responses to “CHANGE…

  1. mamma

    Like this very much girlfriend!


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