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 What new lens do you need to look through?

Can you accept that the ‘Universe rushes to meet your intention’?

Is there someone in your life that needs you to be very clear and give good boundaries?

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First let me say… YIPPEEEE, it rained.


I read an article by another writer that spoke to never editing or censoring the stories they tell and.. (the Big ‘and’)… they have published words that have hurt their family and friends.  Basically, dumping their emotional load all over the place with out thought to the feelings of others.  Or, more likely aware of the feelings of others and being care-less.  Thus, hurting themselves as well.

For me… that ain’t gonna happen.  Story that poo in a locked journal and burn it before you die that is,  If you remember to.  Writing is certainly a wonderful way to work through the troubles that life can bury you in.  And is it necessary to puke it up and lay your stink all over everyone else?

Anyone else have an opinion on this?  Anyway…  just wanted to say.  now.. back to the rest of the day.



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Rain comes to soften 

lay it’s wet down

lay it’s moist deep

lay to the dry land

a hungry need


My dry days have a hunger

parched by the minds toils 

thirsty by the minds strains

burnt up by the ‘try too hard’


My dreams are brittle chards

that stab me awake

desiccate my sleep

hold me to the dry night

that seeks an oasis.


I am bone dry and I need rain


The rain comes to soften

it comes to wet me down

It comes to moisten my mind

It comes to fill my cup full

so I can pour out and fill again


I welcome the wet days

The days that soften





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7 responses to “RAIN

  1. Love the rain and your poem.
    I only read who I like. Every once in a while I go back and check and see if they’re over those experiences and start reading them again if in fact they are. I write about past life experiences and dead people myself that way they don’t get hurt. I do it for myself; it’s quite cathartic. That’s my take on the situation.


    • thanks Michael. I read you often. Doing it for myself is always important and I do like using metaphor, sorta going through the back door sometimes,when maybe the front door needs to thrown open.
      oh well. peace to you


  2. TK

    Going to the town square of the Internet and screaming out loud is careless, not considerate of others feelings. It’s easy to feel like we’re one-on-one in a private session with the computer screen. No one else is in this room right now. But it’s the World Wide-Open Web.

    We must be very careful and deliberate in what we publish to the web. Snarky scathing myspace blog posts made my peeps laugh whenever they clicked over to see how I was doing during a very public mutual meltdown. Hurtful, sure, but part of an ongoing sideways conversation with my love turned adversary. And saying those things out loud for the community to share was important at the time. A private journal or emailing the same words to a closed circle wouldn’t have been the same as the running blog, in context, with pictures. Visible to all who cared to look, including the person I was rather purposefully talking through, to, about. Once it was old news, it was all deleted. So going down the virtual coffee shop and trashing someone out loud where anyone can overhear can be part of the dynamic, but be aware.


  3. TK

    Praying for rain!


  4. Linda C

    Using nature as a metaphor for the human experience… old as, well, poetry itself. But who does it better than you, Jeanne? I love your beaches, your thunderstorms…. now this!


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