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Can you give yourself to a foolish act today?  Act all silly

What do you need to release your attachment to?

Isn’t it time to get organized?


Two days of rain and I’m joyful.  Yipppppeeee.  The land needs it.  Heck.. if ya read the last entry, it’s clear I need it too.  Bring it on.

NEWs FLASH…  I found a house in Ann Arbor and I’m moving in on Sept. 1st.  I won’t even bore you with the big deal of it.  Suffice to say… huge roller coaster of life.  Way more fun (sometimes) when your arms are stretched to the sky and you’re racing down that high expanse of coaster… screamin’ your ass off.  ONly.. sometimes you’re really scared.



~~~    ****    ~~~    ****    ~~~    ****    ~~~    ****


Releasing attachment,




The letting go grabs at the throat 

slows the air flow to gasps

shallow breathing pants fear

out in jags that slice at any

forward motion


You let the jags slash

you let them stamp victory

cause scared is how you do it

these days.  and

shallow breathing screams 

for more air, more please


Fear is a Titan and heads

have to roll in the letting go

remembering there is as 

much time as you need.

There IS as much time as

you need.  


So what if you gasp into the fear

gasp away cause the wind

is picking you up anyway

and all you have to do is grab

at a big inhale.  Let it in to 

Let it go.  


Fears fingers only can hold

on for so long.  only for SO

long.  And damn that Titan

anyway, Cause you’re

takin’ him down scared

trembling, terrified, sick

to your stomach, mortified.


Breath is filling you up

shoulders drop, the grip

of fear is off your throat

and you know one thing

has been released.

One damn Titan is dead







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2 responses to “TITAN OF FEAR

  1. Your fears definitely have to be faced. Nice write.


  2. mamma

    …and…and…and then when the big Titan disintegrated, all the ones behind it became weaker, and you stood there with your gleaming armor and sword held aloft, and laughed.


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