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What small thing might you do today to honor love?

What is getting in the way of you doing what you set out to do?

What are you going to do about that?



The last day of July gives itself to the Devil and the Lovers.   It’s all about relationship, with yourself, with other, with life and the world.  Loving relationship has a way of pulling on your strings and bedeviling you.  There is alway a challenge in the invitation of love.   It will gather the deep issues of what really matters on those core heart feeling, and toss in some bedevilment that forces you to address these issues.  You get to find out just how well you negotiate relationships.  So …how ARE you doing?

Love is a Hell of journey… pun intended.   Love is a tender heart.  Love is all that ever mattered


~~~~    *****    ~~~~    *****    ~~~~     *****     ~~~~


Love is everywhere all the time

It is witness to your giving


Love pours itself into a thimble

it is a riptide within your ocean


Love lingers in betrayal

it knows the darkness


Love caresses your soul

it knows the light


Love is everywhere all the time

it is witness to your taking


Love surrenders everything up

it is unconditional


Love shelters the storms

it will Be when nothing else is


Love calls you to it’s altar

it holds you sacred


Love is everywhere all the time

it is witness to your receiving


Love’s desire is to give without expectation.

Can you expect nothing from Love and give nothing other than Love? 







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