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31 August  2011   >  16/7   >   Tower/Chariot


What are you building that is rooted to the goodness of your life?

How much is too much?

What are you ready to do that must be done?



HOuses hold memories.  They hold lives and things of importance. They give shelter. “HOme is where the heart is” is a  truth that embodies a tenderness to safety and security.  If the heart is open a home flourishes and the walls pulse with warmth and goodness.  The smell of love comes from the kitchen oven served family style.  

When I leave my home tomorrow to fill another home with my life, my stuff, my heart; it will be with the hope that these walls that have housed me for 10 years will hold some special essence that I gave to it.  That I leave behind my love and care held to these rooms I have shared. The is here. I am sad.


Home is where heart is

heart sits in a sea of salt

I see the shore line


No sadness like loss

left behind to start anew

Sun will kiss again


my breath is in here

all walls know of my essence

wild wind coming


Endings, beginnings

birth always leads to a death

space is made again


Love didn’t leave the home

it took flight out the windows

it’s a heart shaped cloud





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30  august  2011    >  15/6   >   Devil/Lovers


How will you give love to yourself so that you can be a better lover?

What does love look/feel/smell/taste like?

Isn’t it interesting that the word ‘devil’ is lived backwards? What does that mean to you?


In that last question… devil/lived, it occurred to me that when we linger in our past, be it years ago or just yesterday,  we have already lived it;  It’s gone.  It is history and can not be undone nor lived the same again.  Should we choose to cling to what is past, that devil, that trickster, will stir confusion and ‘bedevilment’ into our living in the present moment.  So… in my conclusion of this whole devil/lived word thing, is.  Live for each moment or be be-deviled by what you think you shoulda, coulda, oughta, have done.  What can you do right now?



There is no dismissing history

It brings you here as you are

loaded, a full blown human- being

with a past that has a story


You are not just your history

it’s how you live right now

not how you lived what’s gone

redemption is yours for the asking


Yesterdays lead the way to today

Substance builders for right now

To linger in the past holds you captive

keeps you away from the service to life


To serve life is to be of life

To serve life is to give of life

heart open, fully present



Lived is the devil gone by

his trick is to remind you 

to unchain yourself from the past

Release the evil and live


Your life depends on it






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I left my whining till the end of this mornings sharing.


Storm Girls


Lilith said no to Adam

Her ribs were all her own

Mata Hari danced seduction

spyed between her moans


Nancy Drew solved teenage mystery

she storm from page to page

Olive Oil was Popeye’s darling

skinny love was all the rage


Patty Hearst took to liberation

tho’s she was stolen from her home

Q sits between P and R

with out her they stand alone


Rapuntzel had her hair issues

thanks heavens they saved her life

Sooky Stackhouse gave true blood

to vampires a chance to bite


Trinity wove through the Matrix

Kick some serious ass

Uhura trek across deep space

Enterprising Shatner’s grasp


Vivian Lee gave life to Scarlett

took Tara down in flames

Wonder Woman was quite the gal

Put Superman right to shame


Xena, Warrior Princess

I wanted to dress like you

Yemaya Goddess of Sea

you are a deep sear tour


ZsaZsa was a beauty

Claimed Hollywood for her fame

I am Jeanie Beanie

tis the end of my girly game



29 august 2011   >   14/5   >   Alchemy/Art/Hierophant


What Impossible thing will you do today?

What wisdom do you need to call forth?

How will activate your creativity?

Are you kiddin’ me?


 Three more days till I move.  My body is rebelling.  It’s a little cranky.  Can I just say… DAMN?  What?  Why of course I can say what I please.  haahhaa.   There are other choice adjectives that slip out between my lips that I will refrain from sharing here.  Like when I dropped the edge of the chest of drawers on top of my foot.  Yep… and then when a box of books had it’s unpleasant way with my shin.  OH… and… how about the glass that exploded in my face.    Aren’t you glad you asked?

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28  august  2011   >  13/4/0   >  Death/Emperor/Fool


What does the ‘foolish’ you look like and do?

If.. Now is all there is, What does your now look/feel/see/taste like?

What needs organizing in your house?


Irene has me held in awe.  A Hurricane that big is beyond impressive.  I send my prayers and visualize that the damage done is not nearly as hideous as was prepared for.  OH>>> and what is the deal with calling all those storms by women names?  




Annie was a sharpshooter

she shot what need come down

Belle Star was an outlaw

she went from town to town


Calamity Jane loved her fighting

kick ass because she could

Durga was invincible

took out the Devil where she stood


Elektra ninja warrior

wields her bladed sai

Freyja’s fertile blessings

counts the dead each and every day


Grainne was a Pirate Queen

a vast she holds her treasures

Hecate, Queen of Magic

sees witchcrafting as a pleasure


Ishtar, courtesan to the Gods

sexed her way through many wars

Jeanne d’ Arc a peasant warrior girl

led by God’s highest words


Kali is eternal change

She never fears her darkness

Luna rises in the night

gives shadow to the huntress



A to L is all I’ll do today

there may be more tomorrow

I can’t promise more stormgirl poems

depends what my brain can borrow




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Lots of fun last night with my friend Martha.  Watch it when you get more the two girls together cause it can get mighty loud when they start brainstorming.       How does the name  Pick and POsh, sound for a vintage, ‘shabby chic-ish’ shop in a little town??? I’m liken it.

Sippy the fiend… Big yawn… aaaaht… there, isn’t that nice?


There is pleasure in finding treasure

Pickers delight in the sight of a good find

Seekers, quest for the best


Some junk is someone else’s funk

I take the funk and make it good junk

Price it right for someone else’s delight


It’s in the blood being part of this club

day trippin’ for some good pickin’

feeds the hunt for worthy junk


A couple bucks might give you luck

A big offer to fill your coffer

Giddy and high on the junker’s buy


It ain’t no lie this this junker high

It’s a  good drug to feed the bug

that itch and need for the feed


It’s not the Holy Grail in my pail

a quest none the same is this game

a desire to find what leads to the divine


It’s a Junker’s game making claim

on that pot of gold you’ve been told

waits at the end of a rainbow.


27  august  2011    >  21/12 /3  >  Universe/Hanged One/Empress


What is it that motivates and moves you get up and on with you days?

What are you doing that makes your life fluid?

If not now, When?





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26 august 2011    >   20/11/2   >  Judgement/strength/ priestess


How can you be more accountable?

What is the difference between your intuition and your instincts?

How would you counsel your inner critic?


Up ridiculously early..  Stupid early. ssshhhheeeez.  sippy the caf-fiend.  There is beauty in being awake at the sunrise.  The birds hit their first chirp with a crack of light.  Noisy for a few minutes and then quiet.  Autumn is in the air.  The sky is soft coral, shifting with the rising sun.  It’s peaceful.  sippy more of the fiend.


*****   ( )     *****     ( )       *****     ( )      *****


Change wins

it’s like gravity

it pulls you into it

pulls you down to it

It will happen


resistance is futile


Change wins

it’s like magic 

it’s everywhere

in everything

it will happen


resistance is futile


Change wins

you can fight it

you can ignore it

you can flow with it

it will happen


resistance is futile


Change wins

be the change you wish to see

Change wins

be the change you wish to be





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25 august  2011   >  19/10/1   >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/ magician

 How bright are you willing to shine?

Where on the ‘wheel of life’ do you stand?

How can you make magic happen?


This is MY day…19*!0*1…I’m just gonna let it shine, stand it the center of myself… ANd put all my magical tools in action.  Yep.. that’s what I’m a gonna do.  How bout chu?


Magic is in the breath

the light, the sound, the taste,

the land of living.


Magic is everywhere…


it is the kiss of mother’s love

on the booboo of collision

it is a singular snow flake

held in brief to the sun


Magic is in everything…


It is in a whisper of love

it is fear unleashed

it is breathless beauty

it can taste of skunk and dirt


Magic is everywhere…


it is in the miracle of your birth

it is your last breath to everlasting

It dances on the tips of grace

smolders in the fire of disillusion


Magic is in everything..


It is what you imagine it to be

It is what you dream it into being

It will happen without you

It will happen cause it can


Magic is…


in your breath, your light, 

your sound, your taste

It is in your land of living

Make sacred your magic wand












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24  august 2011  >  18/9   >  moon/hermit







 Can you name three things that the moon symbolizes for you?

How do you wish to be ‘seen’, and is that happening?

Where will you shine just a little more light in your world?



Seems dreamland is visiting me lately.  I use to dream vividly ever night for years.  Kept a dream journal, was part of a dream group… I was dreaming in technicolor; full of symbolism and great stories.  Hormones shifted that.  So it with great welcome I invite them back.  I miss my night dreams.  I think I should do a ‘woo woo’ dance in celebration.  What is your dream world like?


^^^   >>>   ^^^   >>>   ^^^   >>>


Should life lead my memory away from me

I buried my stories beneath my skin

laid them in bright ink 

to shine on my surfaces 


My story is writing in pictures and flash

symbols of a journey taken

a history spoken to in ink

cameos of life lived vividly


To define the why of it is for me only

I can caress your curiosity 

or your want for explanation

with your looks and stares


My journey didn’t include you

It didn’t try to exclude you

stories are for the telling

the truth can be tricky


Living art is a life of wonder

the why of the pain is ours

the results give pleasure

see beyond the surfaces


When my days are numbered

n’ inks fades with my mind

This ‘exotic bird’ I am

will fly the wind to heaven





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These cooler nights give me great sleep.  Windows wide open.  The sounds of the owls and bugs making their varied songs in the darkness.  It’s  a melody that soothes me.


!!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m



Stagnation has no where to linger

No moss grows on my rolling stone


Alone is not where I thought to be 

Tho’ change shifts the perspective


Reflective on what moves me to here

With these choices that give change


Rearrange the family home

Keep sacred what holds to eternity


Our fraternity is til’ dust

Kin-Forever is our family name


No blame brought us here

Differences challenge the essential


Potential now has space renewed

Possibilities live in every breath


Death brings renewal’s call

Space is made for new moments


Portent of things to come

Till dust we will find our way.


with love….


23  august 2011   >  17/8   >  Star/balance/justice


Are you too accommodating?

How do you imagine your connection between ‘heaven’ and Earth?

What  do you do to make your world balanced and fair?




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Slept like a baby.  I tired myself out writing that dang story.  For those of you that read it, I welcome feedback.

I’m glad to fall into a poem this morning.  Soften my edges a little.  


I dreamt of you last night

rare to do I hold another to my dreams

faces are often blurred in

the vividness of my sleep stories


there you were, the same

just the same even in my dream

I wanted you different

just the same as I did awake


I dreamt of you last night

wanting the impossible dream

of you and me and life

melding cohesively


there you were the same

your charm not withstanding

the barrage of changes 

that would give togetherness


I dreamt of you last night

I gave into the memory lost

to my wakefulness

pleasured in the charm of you


there you were the same

I let that be.


22  august  2011  >  16/7  >  tower/chariot


How do you define ‘power’ and how do you use yours?

What do you ‘stand’ for?

What holds you grounded and stable?


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