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When you take a look around your space, what needs to go so you have space for something else?

Is it time to shed that old skin of yours and freshen up?

YOu’ve been thinking about doing it forever, why not just take the jump?


Katie, my amazing niece, and I had a lovely water stroll on the pontoon boat last night.  Under the coral sky being pulled down into the horizon, we floated along…Quiet, peaceful, talks of the ‘heart’s desire’, and what is essential to being our best and highest selves.  Her heart is truly generous and full.  This aunty has some BIG Love going on.


~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****


She gives her heart to her faith

A trust in Jesus that is pure.

An innocence that believes

he will save us all, heal us all,

redeem us all


I honor her journey


I give my heart to Peace and kindness

A trust in the nature of things

In the tumultuous plan of elements

that move and shift, shift and move

living in the unpredictable

journey that living gives


I honor the Nature of us ever changing 


of Dark and Light and Jesus

I don’t need saving.

Redemption lives in a smile

healing is peaceful resolution

kindness wins

and I’m just sayin’…


 “Give Peace A Chance” 







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